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Mobeka pursues three central goals:

Action: On the basis of ethnographic research, Mobeka develops, initiates, and executes experimental and sustainable initiatives in the field of transportation and mobility.

Research: As a think tank, Mobeka coordinates research into local realities and viable solutions with a view to valorizing and enhancing local knowledge and skills that can offer local solutions to local challenges.

Awareness and Dialogue: Mobeka strives to make realities, challenges and solutions relating to sustainable mobility in Africa more understandable and visible by encouraging an ethics of conversation among various actors, both locally and internationally.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mobeka has been operating as a registered non-profit organisation (association sans but lucratif) since 2022. As a first action research initiative, we have been building and started operating the MB Mobeka river tug, with a view to enhancing safe transport conditions for trading passengers and their goods, while studying technological culture and the local economy.


The MB Mobeka consists of a small truckable pushboat (250bhp) and a 19 m long barge. The barge has an iron hull, and its superstructure will soon (January 2024) be crafted of local redwood (liyolo) by Didier Bosoye, who is one of the most gifted local baleinière craftsmen on the Upper Congo River. The MB Mobeka will operate on the axis Kisangani – Basoko (210km). It serves the purpose of action research in a double sense: it serves as a platform for research into Congo’s real mobilities (transport geography, technical culture, vernacular logistics and multi-modality, etc.), whereas the benefits the action generates enable us to widen the action itself, on the one hand, and to encourage research into mobility-related questions, on the other.


Mobeka’s members are all stakeholders from the transport, research and civil society sectors. The  initiative benefits from a large network of friends from academia, civil society, and the private sector.


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