Mobeka D.r. Congo

what we do

In the Democratic Republic of Congo “Mobeka” has been operating as a registered non-profit organisation (association sans but lucratif) since 2022. Its members are all stakeholders from the transport, research and civil society sectors.

As a first action research initiative, the association has been building and started operating the “MB Mobeka” river tug, with the aim of promoting safe traveling of small-scale traders and their goods, while studying technological culture and the popular economy. All steps, from the acquisition of building materials to the construction and operation of the units, are systematically documented as part of ongoing action research. Profits of the transport action are reinvested locally for the purpose of self-funded research into the everyday socio-technical realities of transport and mobility, particularly the challenges of safety, sustainability and the economic viability of transport on the waterways of the DR Congo.


Check out the first journey of the MB Mobeka from the wharf “Au Bord du Fleuve” to the port of Kisangani (Tshopo, DR Congo), on 12 November 2023:

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